• Evaluating Second Language Education

Evaluating Second Language Education

ISBN/Barcode: 9780521422697
J. Charles Alderson, Alan Beretta, Series edited by Michael H. Long, Jack C. Richards
Σελίδες: 388
Ημερομηνία: Apr 9 2003
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Responsibility for planning language teaching programmes now carries with it a strong element of accountability. Evaluation of the whole process of course design, development and implementation is therefore a necessary area of activity for course designers, language planners and researchers. Evaluating Second Language Education is divided into three parts: - Part One presents a review of the literature showing how the field got to where it is - Part Two contains a series of eight original case-studies which illustrate the strengths and limitations of qualitative and quantitative approaches - Part Three contains practical advice on how to design and execute evaluations in the field. It is a valuable resource both for those already engaged in evaluation and for those in training.