• Harmonize 0 Starter Workbook ( A1 )

Harmonize 0 Starter Workbook ( A1 )

ISBN/Barcode: 9780194067447
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Ημερομηνία: Jan 1 2023
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Harmonize is a 6 level lower secondary course that helps teachers transform their classroom into a collaborative thinking and learning environment with a unique project-based methodology. Transform your classroom into a collaborative learning environment with Harmonize. Students learn more than language as they complete projects on topics that matter to them. Harmonize makes English immediately useful and relevant, as they interact with real-world, content rich videos, and learn through realistic language models that keep them engaged with their learning. Harmonize enables students to build the skills and strategies needed for success, both inside and outside the classroom. Harmonize integrates projects into every unit, motivating students to work together towards a common goal and learn language and skills to apply in real situations. Projects give students the opportunity to develop global skills as they make decisions, give feedback and solve problems, preparing them for lifelong success. Collaborate: Transform your classroom into a collaborative learning environment. Create: Spark students’ creativity as they research, develop and deliver their projects. Learn: Bring learning in sync with the world outside the classroom with meaningful topics, tasks, and videos. For the teacher: Harmonize gives you everything you need to support your students, in one place.