Nuovissimo Progetto italiano 1 Esercizi dell Insegnante + CD audio, (Βιβλίο Καθηγητή)

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ISBN: 9788899358563

Λεπτομέρειες βιβλίου

A1 - A2
Ημερομηνία Έκδοσης:
Magnelli S., Marin Telis, Ruggeri L.

Nuovissimo Progetto italiano 1 is the first level (A1-A2) of a modern Italian language and culture course that covers all levels of the Common European Framework.Nuovissimo Progetto italiano 1, for adult and young adult students, is the completely updated edition of the worldwide best-selling Italian language course for foreigners.The structure and the philosophy do not change, as well as its main features: 11 learning units + 1 introduction unit balance between communication and grammar aspects inductive approach to discover the communication elements systematic practice of the 4 communication skills quick progression presentation of the socio-cultural reality of today's Italy video course that reuses and completes the contents of the units many extra material, in printed and digital version self-evaluationeasy to use Here on the left, among the Downloadable attachments, you can browse the first 6 units of the course together with the units of the Workbook.The file with the first 3 units is available for download and it contains the introduction, the video activities and the index.